︎Daniele Mana -

Composer & Sound Designer



︎Commercial Works for clients as:
Ducati, Away, Toro Rosso Formula 1 ,  , Vice , Timberland, Audi , La Matilde , FCA , Vespa , Zara , Bershka


︎Theater & Performative Art Projects 

< ‘The Quest For Surprise‘ original score for Andrea Cossu’s short film about Naoki Ishikawa sponsored by The North Face   

<‘Dystopian Animation’ dance videos series by Nicole Neidert

<’MITHRIDATE SS 21 ‘ show at Serpentine Gallery, London

< ‘Call Of The Void’ ongoing solo dance piece in collaboration with choreographer Nicole Neidert

<‘The Empty Hour’ by Ania Catherine & Judith Sanchez Ruiz

<Xavier Velhan Residency: Artist residency at French Pavillon for Biennale Venezia

<‘The Conversation’: Score for art performance based on a dialogue between Cello and Double Bass and a deaf performer

<‘Solo Un Beso’: music for improvisation theatre over choreographic project by Monica Secco


︎Collaborative Recordings 

< Cascades: Collaborative album featuring Pedro Vian to be released via Lucia Dischi and Modern Obscure Music mid November 2022

<VOX-U: recording and engineering for voxU, a project by Kara-Lis Coverdale commissioned by Mutek Montreal . I took care of recording and cataloguing samples of pipe organs Vox Humana stop of the most relevant Montreal’s churches

<THE CITY: recording and writing of an album for a special project in collaboration with Torino Jazz Festival. The music was made only using recordings of sounds taken from the city of Torino in collaboration with Emanuele Cisi, Enrico Rava and Max Casacci

<ONE CIRCLE: Writing and production of album for musical project One Circle in collaboration with Lorenzo Senni and Francesco Fantini

<OTHER PEOPLE IMAGINARY FEAST: collaborative concept record with artists like: Nicolas Jaar, Julia Holter, William Basinski, Holly Herndon, Lorenzo Senni, Powell etc

<GLASSTRESS: Sound installation for Biennale Venezia based on sounds of a glass furnace in Murano, Venice in collaboration with Max Casacci

︎Solo Recordings / Publicly Premiered Works 

< Gilles Manovic ‘ Final Foundations ‘ for production music platform Fold Music 

< ‘ Asa Nisi Masa ‘ album relesed via Hyperdub September 2020

<’Konsolation‘ project in collaboration with Hyperdub and Analogue. Sound design for start up sound of Sega Megadrive replica limited version and various artist album only available on Sega Megadrive cartridge .
<  ‘HyperSwim’ various artist album in collaboration with Hyperdub and Adult Swim available on every streaming service and on Adult Swim website.

<‘Seven Steps Behind’  LP 2019  Hyperdub Records
<LIVE SOUNDTRACK: Live scoring for Fritz Lang’s mute film “ Die Nibelungen “ . Presented for the first time in Barcelona with Mutek Festival

<‘A Great Symphony Torino ‘ : Site specific sound installation based on concrete sounds recorded and sampled at OGR Torino

<‘Creature’ EP  2017 Hyperdub Records

<‘Full Stream Ahead’ EP  2016 via Other People 

<VAGHE STELLE 3D SOUND: special live show prepared for 3D sound system engineered by INTORNO LABS for Mutek Barcelona

<‘Abstract Speed+Sound’ 2015 Other People Records

<‘Sweet Sixteen’   LP 2014 Astro:Dynamics Records

<‘H.O.P.E.’ EP 2014 Gang Of Ducks Records

<‘Out Of Body’ 2013 Danse Noire Records